Nyrada Inc - Annual Report 2022

NYRADA INC (ASX:NYR) 12 Directors’ Report The Directors present their report, together with the financial statements, on the Consolidated Entity (referred to hereafter as the 'Consolidated Entity') consisting of Nyrada Inc. (referred to hereafter as the 'Company' or 'Parent entity') and the entities it controlled at the end of, or during, the year ended 30 June 2022. Directors The following persons were directors of Nyrada Inc. during the whole of the financial year and up to the date of this report, unless otherwise stated: John Moore Non-Executive Chairman Peter Marks Non-Executive Director (resigned 1 August 2022) Rüdiger Weseloh Non-Executive Director Marcus Frampton Non-Executive Director Christopher Cox Non-Executive Director Ian Dixon Non-Executive Director Gisela Mautner Non-Executive Director (appointed 1 August 2022) John Moore Non-Executive Chairman, joined the Board in June 2019 John Moore currently serves as Chairman of Trialogics, a clinical trial informatics business, Chairman of Scientific Industries (SCND-OTCQB), a producer of laboratory instruments for the life sciences industry and Chairman of Cormetech, a manufacturer of environmental catalysts. John was CEO of Acorn Energy from 2006 to 2015, during which time the CoaLogix business was acquired for US$11 million and sold for US$101 million, and the Comverge business listed in the US before its sale to Constellation Energy. In 2002 he was a Partner and CEO of Edson Moore Healthcare Ventures and acquired for US$148 million a portfolio of sixteen drug delivery investments from Elan Pharmaceuticals. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, US. Interest in shares and options 358,423 shares and 3,600,000 unlisted options Special responsibilities Chair of the Board. Member of Audit & Risk Committee Member of Remuneration & Nomination Committee Directorship held in other listed entities (last 3 years) Noxopharm Limited (ASX:NOX) – resigned 16 July 2019