Nyrada Inc - Annual Report 2022

ANNUAL REPORT FY22 15 Ian Dixon Ph.D. Non-Executive Director, joined the Board in September 2020. Dr Dixon has a PhD in biomedical engineering from Monash University, an MBA from Swinburne University and professional engineering qualifications. He is also a co-inventor of Nyrada’s patented drug NYX-330 to treat hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis. Dr Dixon brings to the Board an extensive technical and entrepreneurial background in founding, building and running technology-based companies, in recognising the potential commercial value of early-stage drug development, and in understanding the challenges involved in drug development. In 2011, Dr Dixon co-founded Cynata Inc, now a subsidiary of ASX-listed Cynata Therapeutics Ltd (ASX-CYP), a company progressing the commercialisation what has become the Cymerus stem cell therapy to treat various medical conditions including osteoarthritis, ARDS and critical limb ischemia. Also a founder director of genetic medicines company Exopharm Ltd (ASX-EX1) in 2013 and during the last three years Dr Dixon has served as a director of the following listed companies: Medigard Ltd (ASX-MGZ); Noxopharm Ltd:(ASX-NOX). Interest in shares and options 10,114,033 shares, 5,999,400 Performance Shares and 1,800,000 unlisted options Special responsibilities Member of Remuneration & Nomination Committee Directorship held in other listed entities (last 3 years) Exopharm Limited (ASX:EX1) -current Noxopharm Limited (ASX:NOX) - resigned on 31 August 2020 Gisela Mautner Non-executive Director, joined the Board 1 August 2022 Gisela is an international business leader with significant experience developing and launching new pharmaceutical products, and delivering successful corporate strategies in highly competitive global markets. She also has over thirty years’ experience in medical and scientific research, most recently as the Chief Medical Officer of Noxopharm Ltd (ASX-NOX). Gisela has held senior positions with Amgen, Bayer, Siemens Medical Solutions and Merck/MSD generating successful commercial and scientific outcomes. She is currently the Past-President of the Australian Pharmaceutical Physicians Association (APPA), a Fellow of the Australasian College of Physician Executives and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the CEO Institute. Gisela holds an MD from the Technical University of Munich, a PhD from the Ludwig Maximilian University, an MPH from Harvard University and an MBA from Northwestern University Chicago. Interest in shares and options N/A Special responsibilities N/A Directorship held in other listed entities (last 3 years) Noxopharm Limited (ASX:NOX) - current Company Secretary - David Franks David is a Chartered Accountant, Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia, Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, Justice of the Peace, Registered Tax Agent and holds a Bachelor of Economics (Finance and Accounting) from Macquarie University. With over 25 years in finance and governance (including company secretarial and corporate finance), David has been CFO, company secretary and director for numerous ASX listed and unlisted public and private companies, in a range of industries covering energy retailing, software as a service, transport, financial services, oil and gas / mineral exploration, technology, automotive, software development, wholesale distributions, retail, biotechnology and healthcare. He has acted in these capacities for Top 200 to small-cap companies listed on ASX, including for companies with OTC listings. David is also the Company Secretary of Noxopharm. David is also a Non-Executive Director of Jcurve Solutions Limited (ASX:JCS) and a Director, Principal and shareholder of Automic Group Pty Ltd, a service provider to the Company.