Nyrada Inc - Annual Report 2022

NYRADA INC (ASX:NYR) 2 Nyrada Overview Nyrada is developing novel, high value small molecule drugs: Key drivers of future value Key milestones in the next 18 months Results of preclinical stroke model study CholesterolLowering Program preclinical safety, pharmacology and toxicology studies Brain-Injury Program preclinical safety, pharmacology, and toxicology studies Commencement of CholesterolLowering Phase I Study Commencement of Brain-Injury Phase I Study TBI efficacy study withWalter Reed Army Institute of Research and UNSWSydney Safety confirmed in Phase I CholesterolLowering Study Efficacy signal in joint Nyrada/ WRAIR/ UNSW TBI Study Brain Injury Program Phase I Study confirms safety New patents secured to expand IP protection Drug Candidate Indication Aim Target Market NYX-PCSK9i Oral PCSK9 inhibitor Cholesterol-Lowering Best-in-class small molecule drug to disrupt and broaden the class in cardiovascular management, offering the convenience of a pill >18Mpatients (US)1 NYR-BI02 TRPC 3/6/7 blocker Brain Injury First-in-class treatment to prevent secondary brain injury and reduce disability following moderate-severe TBI, concussion, or stroke ~5.5Mpatients/ year (globally)2