Investor Q and A

Investor Questions and Answers about Nyrada Inc.

Q: Is Noxopharm moving to the USA?
A: No. Nyrada Inc. is a fully independent, separate company which will eventually reside in the USA.

Q: How will Noxopharm shareholders benefit from Nyrada Inc.?
A: Noxopharm will be a major shareholder in Nyrada Inc. which will hold all the non-oncology projects, including those spun out of Noxopharm. Nox shareholders will be major beneficiaries of any upside value of Nyrada Inc. As a result, it is expected the value of Noxopharm is being added to, for the benefit of its shareholders.

Q: Will Noxopharm fund Nyrada Inc.?
A: No. Nyrada Inc. will be separately capitalised and have its own Board of Directors and Management team. There will be no dilution of Noxopharm shares.

Q: Who will be on the Board of Directors of Nyrada Inc.?
A: Board of 3 Directors expected for next 12 months.
- Graham Kelly - Executive Chairman and President.
- 2 non-executive directors ( to be announced).

Q: When will Nyrada Inc. move to the USA?
A: It is envisaged in the next 12-18 months. Further pre-clinical research to continue in Australia.

Q: How many staff and scientists?
A: Projected 6 scientists (2x per asset), CSO and Vice President US Operations (appointed) for next 12-18 months.

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