Company Fact Sheet

Company Name:

Nyrada Inc (ARBN 625 401 818)

Business Description:

Nyrada is a drug development company specialising in novel small molecule therapeutics.  A current key focus is on the development of neuroprotective treatments for stroke and traumatic brain injury.


Nyrada Inc was incorporated in the US State of Delaware on 29 August 2017.  It was admitted to the Official List of the Australian Securities Exchange on 14 January 2020.


Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:NYR)

ASX Ticker:


GICS Industry Group:

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Securities on Issue:

179,408,700 as at 1 June 2024

Board of Directors:

Mr. John Moore (Non-Executive Chair)
Mr. Christopher Cox (Non-Executive Director)
Dr. Rüdiger Weseloh (Non-Executive Director)
Mr. Marcus Frampton (Non-Executive Director)
Dr. Ian Dixon (Non-Executive Director)
Dr. Gisela Mautner (Non-Executive Director)

Scientific Advisory Board:

Professor Gary Housley (Chair)
Professor Junichi Nabekura (Member)
Dr. Jim Palmer (Member)

Chief Executive Officer:

Mr. James Bonnar

Chief Financial Officer:

Mr Cameron Jones

Company Secretary:

Mr David Franks

Registered Office:

Suite 2, Level 3
828 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW 2072

Company Telephone:

+61 2 9498 3390 (Within Australia or Overseas)

Company Email:


Company Website:


Stock/CDI Registry:

Automic Registry Services
Level 5, 126 Phillip Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Registry Website:


Registry Telephone:

1300 288 664 (Within Australia)
+61 2 9698 5414 (Overseas)

External Auditor:

William Buck